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Border Leather Belts

At Border Leathers we pride ourselves on using top quality materials for all of our products, and great care is taken in sourcing leathers from reputable tanneries where we know the production methodologies used and can ensure a consistently high standard.

All of our belts are lovingly handcrafted to order from one of two types of leather, detailed below:

Full Grain Hide

Our premium range of belts are made from 100% genuine full grain cowhide leather, of at least 2.3mm to 3.0mm thickness.  This leather is naturally tanned using oak tannins and goes through rigorous quality control testing prior to being sent to us. 

Full grain oak tanned hides produce hardwearing belts that, with proper care, will last a lifetime.  They will contour to your body and soften over time, aging alongside you but remaining resilient.

Split Hides

Our split leathers are produced from thick cowhide skins that are fed through a splitter to produce two layers of leather.  The bottom layer or leather that no longer includes an epidermis has a finish applied to the surface to colour and texture it prior to shipping.

Whilst softer than full grain hide it is still a solid natural leather product and we would expect a split leather belt to last a decade or more with care and reasonabe use.

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