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Whats provided on our courses, and what to bring with you

One of our most frequently asked questions is "What do I need to bring along with me" on our courses.

We essentially try to provide everything you need, but here are a few pointers:

1/ Make sure that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable and are not clothes that you would mind getting a little dirty. We do provide aprons, but sometimes you might get a bit of dye or glue or something on you.

2/ We provide course notes for you to take away, but some people prefer to make notes on their own notepads, so you can bring along a pad and pen if you wish - or just write notes on the course materials.

3/ We provide all the tools for you for the duration of the course, along with all of the leather you need as well. You don't get to take the tools home with you I'm afraid, but we do usually have some tools available to sell, and we will provide you with information on a couple of online stores where you can start bulding your own collection of tools as well.

We usually start the course off with a cup of tea of coffee for everyone along with a few minutes to introduce everyone to eachother before we get started on the course itself, and in the middle of the day we provide a small buffet style lunch for everyone as well. When you book on a course we will send you a confirmation e-mail along with a request to let us know of any food intolerances so we can ensure the selection of food is suitable for everyone on the course.

At the end of the day any of the projects you have been working on will be yours to take home with you.

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of a course or if you have any particular needs or requirements and we will make every effort to ensure that you are well looked after.

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